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Reichert 7CR Auto Tono/Corneal Response Technology
Description: Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer + Corneal Response Technology IOP is the only modifiable ..
Ex Tax: $3,250.00
Reichert AT555 Non-Contact Tonometer
Description: The AT555 utilizes a patented hands-free automatic alignment system, enabling any memb..
Ex Tax: $1,750.00
Reichert Auto Phoroptor RS
Description : The Auto Phoroptor RS is a refraction system that provides the flexibility and accura..
Ex Tax: $2,960.00
Reichert CT100 Contact Tonometer
Description : The CT100 allows for routine, accurate measurement of intraocular pressure. Can be mo..
Ex Tax: $940.00
Reichert iPac Pachymeter
Description : Reichert's iPac is an easy-to-use, lightweight, hand held pachymeter which includes a..
Ex Tax: $1,230.00
Reichert MODEL 30 Pneumatonometer
Unique Methodology The Model 30 Pneumatonometer measures intraocular pressure noninvasively through..
Ex Tax: $1,980.00
Reichert NCT 7 Tonometer
Features: - Easy-to-use, touch screen user interface - No chinrest, joystick, or elevation control..
Ex Tax: $2,890.00
Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer G3
Description : Ocular Response Analyzer® (ORA) is the only tonometer that measures Corneal Hysteresi..
Ex Tax: $5,820.00
Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer II
Description : Corneal biomechanical properties influence the results and outcomes of ocular measure..
Ex Tax: $6,340.00
Reichert ORA NCT Tonometer
Description : The Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer provides a new measurement of corneal tissue pr..
Ex Tax: $7,290.00
Reichert PSL Portable Slit Lamp
Description : The Reichert PSL Portable Slit lamp utilizes a high luminance white LED light source,..
Ex Tax: $1,490.00
Reichert PT100 Portable Tonometer
Feature: Hand-held, light-weight Automatic measurement Cordless, battery operated Soft, comforta..
Ex Tax: $2,020.00
Reichert Reflex Ultrasound Bio-Microscope
Description: Ocular ultrasonography is an important adjunct for the clinical assessment of various ..
Ex Tax: $4,250.00
Reichert RK-700 Auto Refractor / Keratometer
The RK700 makes quick and accurate refraction and keratometry measurements for patient screening. Th..
Ex Tax: $3,960.00
Reichert RK600 Auto Refractor / Keratometer
The full color LCD screen, icon-based operating system, and familiar joystick controls, enable any m..
Ex Tax: $3,090.00