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Carl Zeiss SL 120 Slit Lamp
Description All-around support all day long Operational convenience as well as outstanding optical..
Ex Tax: $1,730.00
Carl Zeiss SL 130 Slit Lamp
Description Premium optical quality for all applications The SL 130 is the instrument of choice fo..
Ex Tax: $1,985.00
Carl Zeiss Tonometers AT 030
Description Applanation Tonometers Fast and efficient measurement of intraocular pressure The AT ..
Ex Tax: $2,350.00
Carl Zeiss Visalis 100
Description After experiencing the release 2.0 of the Visalis® 100 from ZEISS, surgeons provided ex..
Ex Tax: $2,675.00
Carl Zeiss VISULAS 532s
Description High performance combo device The VISULAS® YAG III Combi from Carl Zeiss is the “multi..
Ex Tax: $4,970.00
Carl Zeiss VISULAS Trion Combi
Description Four different wavelenghts for frequently varying laser applications The VISULAS® Trio..
Ex Tax: $5,760.00
Carl Zeiss VISULAS YAG III Ophthalmic Laser
Description Sensitive scalpel among secondary cataract lasers The VISULAS® YAG III from Carl Zeiss..
Ex Tax: $8,420.00
Carl Zeiss VISULENS 500
Description VISULENS 500 from ZEISS – The easiest way to measure lenses VISULENS® 500 from ZEISS i..
Ex Tax: $2,980.00
Carl Zeiss VISUPLAN 500
Description The measurement of intraocular pressure is part of every professional glaucoma screenin..
Ex Tax: $3,260.00
Carl Zeiss VISUSCOUT 100
Description Reliably detecting and monitoring retinal disorders is key to ensuring high-quality car..
Ex Tax: $3,980.00
Carl Zeiss YELLOW 560 Fluorescence Based visualization
Description: Visualizes fluorescent dyes in the wavelength range from 540 to 690 nm for additional ..
Ex Tax: $3,360.00