Optopol PTS 1000 Perimeter

Optopol PTS 1000 Perimeter
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Automated Perimeter PTS 1000 is a modern diagnostic instrument for precise and fast testing of field of vision. It offers static and kinetic stimuli with all Goldman stimuli sizes and all stimuli colors used in perimetry. Wide range of strategies and analysis tools combined with intuitive interface gives you powerful diagnostic tool which handling you will enjoy. Built in maps and possibility of creating own one gives possibility to examine only these areas, which are necessary. With PTS1000 examination doesn’t have to be tiring anymore.
STANDARD VISION TESTS - Depending on chosen test strategy, it enables to define the sensitivity threshold of retina in a given area, as well as to make a fast screening test. Accurate threshold, Intelligent fast threshold, Screening and quick 3-zone can be selected according to needs and patient’s condition.
TIME SAVING - Fast threshold strategy which utilizes special algorithm allows quicker examination without loss in accuracy. Additional ‘Reduced Field’ and ‘Neurological Field Reduction’ further shorten examination time.
FLICKERING TEST - The device also enables examination by means of flickering stimuli for CFF (Critical Fusion Frequency) measurement. CFF is used as an index of fatigue and it is clinically applied to neuro-ophthalmologic disorders derived from optic nerve disorder especially, diagnosis and evaluation of glaucoma.


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